This is it, isn’t it? The most amazing song off the last Bastille album now has a video, which means it’s a single. To be frank it’s the most amazing Bastille single you’re ever likely to hear. It’s total Bastille. It’s ultimate Bastille. It’s Bastille: Endgame. It’s IF YOU ARE EVER GOING TO LIKE A BASTILLE SONG, HAVING NOT LIKED PREVIOUS BASTILLE SONGS, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE. It’s quite literally Bestille.

Where does this leave us? Well, we’re all busy people so the good news is that you’ll probably never need to listen to another new Bastille song. I mean, if they do pull it out of the hat at some point in the future I’ll let you know, but all I’m saying for the time being is: enjoy this song, and live your life.

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