Different horses for different courses, right? Me personally, I couldn’t think of anything worse than ripping my own leg hair from my skin. My mate however, she’s a fully paid-up convert. Why? Wax removes hair from the root which means the results last longer (weeks rather than days), there’s less risk of in-grown hairs and there’s minimal maintenance in between (other than, the initial plundering of follicles, of course), which means you can skip daily shaving. What’s not to like?

“Once you’ve done it a few times, it gets easier,” she says. “I barely even feel it anymore.” Her tip? “I started off going to a salon and built up my pain tolerance before doing it at home on myself. It means I had a better idea of what to do as well.” Now, she’s a well-oiled (and very smooth) machine. “You find your groove, you work out what works for you and now I have it down to 10 minutes for my legs, bikini line and armpits,” she says.

Because she’s now an at-home pro, her hair grows back less frequently and when it does, the texture is finer. “I can go weeks without needing to do my bikini line,” she reckons.

So what are the best tools for the job? “The Veet wax strips work really well. You just warm them up between your hands, stick them down and pull them off.” And, you can use them on your legs and underarms. “I just get the leg ones and cut them down to smaller strips for my armpits,” she says. Thrifty.

Bikini lines are a different story. “You’re best off with hot wax here as you can spread it on to fit the shape you want.” Warm it up, spread your legs and spread it on – if you’re going full Brazilian, you might want to call on a hand mirror, or a very, very close pal.

Want more options? See below for the best at-home waxing kits.

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