Just days before the kick off of her highly anticipated ‘Madame X’ tour, Queen of Pop Madonna saw her fans royally disappointed by a mailing they received from Ticketmaster which expressly forbids the use of cell phones during her concerts.

Although the move is one being embraced by a number of artists who feel concertgoers on phones during shows disconnects them from currency, the increased popularity of fan captured footage has also served to the detriment of performers in ways that include decreased demand for tour DVDs or related videoed merchandise, decreased demand for concert ticket purchase, and increased likelihood of mishaps being captured and going viral (i.e. audio fails, slip and fall on stage, etc.).


Madge fans are particularly pissed because a number of them could not attend the concert in person due to its limited locations and/or cost.  As such, unlike with her previous outings, their absence means they won’t even get to enjoy footage on Youtube or social media.  Ouch!  Needless to say, they aren’t happy about it:

Fans were livid after being alerted to the message below.


Taking to Twitter in droves, see some of the responses below.


Not all fans were against the announcement.  Some took to the net to defend the Queen.


The cell phone ban comes just days after reports M cancelled or rescheduled some of the tour’s dates just weeks before its launch.  Click here for more details.

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