The Song Of The Week is Killing Butterflies by Lewis Blissett.

You may well have been wondering what life would be like if Billie Eilish were a bit more like Troye Sivan. On the other hand you might have been wondering how things would be if Troye Sivan were a bit more like Billie Eilish. Lewis ‘Lewis’ Blissett provides some sort of answer with his second Atlantic release Killing Butterflies, and brings the grand total of decent things to come out of the UK versions of The Voice to: two. (He was on The Voice Kids a few years ago.) (The other is Becky Hill, obviously.)

Additional notes:

  • Camila Cabello‘s gone a bit Clean Bandit on Liar, which I suppose really means she’s gone a bit Ace Of Base. This is excellent behaviour that should be supported and quietly cel­eb­rated.
  • The new Muna album, released today, comes in at twelve tracks and 43 minutes. The ideal album, at the ideal length.
  • Maybe it just seems this way in the context of other Louis Tomlinson songs but the Louis Tomlinson song is… Not awful? Strong second-Babylon-Zoo-album vibes.
  • There’s nothing worse ‘of a morning’ than the distant crashing and screech­ing of a rubbish lorry reminding you that you forgot to put the bins out. Nothing to worry about today though, that’s just the sound of Björk remixing Fever Ray.

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