After the frankly fascinating results from the last time we asked women how much they spend on clothes, we thought we’d keep the subject going.

Amy, fashion PR assistant, London

Salary: £20,000

Money spent on clothes: £50-£100. I normally spend more on AW clothes like boots and coats as they are longer lasting. I always buy high-street, and would roughly spend £50 on either Topshop or ASOS, which would be a ‘big’ purchase, then little top-ups throughout the month, like £20 for a top or skirt etc. I’m not one of those people who are obsessed with buying bags and shoes, I stick to what I know and wear them to death. There are sample sales at work about once a month, where I spend around £4 to £25, again depending on what product I find.

Sonia, account manager, London

Salary: £32,000

Money spent on clothes: £200-£500. I am that predictable that I save ‘new in’ Zara items on a regular basis, so when they pay check comes in I have a box delivered to me the next day, and then if anything’s missing, I go to Cos, & Other Stories and Arket.

Susannah, self employed designer goldsmith, London

Salary: £30,000, though it varies

Money spent on clothes: £80. I buy from charity shops. I’ve found designer brands such as Alexa Chung and Kurt Geiger, and I buy anything from bags, tops, shoes, dresses, the lot!

Sophia, account manager at a cosmetics company, London

Salary: £49,000

Money spent on clothes: £200-£300. I buy a bit of everything from the high street (Zara, Mango, & Other Stories and H&M are my faves) and depop/eBay. I also try and sell a couple of pieces a month and swap a lot with friends.

Lisa, fashion editor, London

Salary: £35,000

Money spent on clothes: £300. The amount I spend on clothes has definitely changed since working in the industry. Before, I used to buy more fast fashion, but now I try and buy less but better. So where I used to buy maybe five Zara items a month, I’ll now try and buy one good quality piece from Net-A-Porter or


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