Good news for members of the man zone! No longer do you need to watch a royalty-free football on that premium TV you purchased for $1 after fending off a gator (and while wearing a tuxedo). That’s because the Nathan For You mastermind Nathan Fielder has just signed an overall deal with HBO to write, direct, and star in an untitled comedy series.

Sadly, Variety, and not the Diarrhea Times, got the exclusive on the news of Fielder’s HBO deal. The comedian has since confirmed on Twitter, writing simply, “New stuff coming.”

Beyond his own comedy pilot, Fielder will also executive produce a new first-person documentary series called How To… With John Wilson. According to Variety, the series is “hosted by an anxious New Yorker (Wilson) who attempts to give everyday advice while dealing with his own personal issues. Acting as both cameraman and narrator, he covertly documents the lives of fellow New Yorkers in a comic odyssey of self-discovery, inevitably making the audience comfortable with the awkward contradictions of modern life.”

The series mark Fielder’s first known projects since wrapping up production on the fourth and final season of his renowned Comedy Central series, Nathan For You, last year. Needless to say, this news deserves a motherf*ckin beer.

For nostalgic sake, revisit the episode in which Fielder introduces the world to his masterful children’s toy, the Doink-it. Hopefully your child has one, and isn’t a baby.

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