Once an unassuming spotty dress, now a cultural phenomenon – that’s had an entire day and party dedicated to it. GLAMOUR UK teamed up with Hot 4 The Spot, the Instagram account posting sightings of that *Zara* dress, and Free Periods, the charity aiming to end period poverty in the UK, to host a night of spotty surrealism.

We brought the @hot4thespot account to life, and created a safe-space for lovers and wearers for the dress – with polka-dot donuts from Doughnut Time, Nails Inc manis, and an in-depth panel talking about why it’s become such a craze. Our panel, consisting myself, Amika George (Free Periods), Faye Oakenfull (Hot 4 the Spot), Reni Eddo-Lodge (Journalist and Author), Olivia of @clothesmyboyfriendhates, and Harriet of @tobyandroo. We chatted about sustainability, and how this movement has given the dress a new lease of life, and how the dress has created a sisterhood. The panel concluded with everyone agreeing that women are entitled to have some light-hearted fun, and that the spotty dress is just that – a spotty dress.

The event was in aid of Free Periods, who are raising £4,000 to tackle period poverty in the UK and beyond, so no child misses out on their education because of their period. We’re almost at our target, so please donate and keep wearing your dress in support of this amazing cause!

It’s not every day you see a room full of women wearing the exact same thing…

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