Iggy Azalea is opening up about the events which led up to the birth of her feud with the multifaceted entertainer Peppa Pig.

Iggy’s new body of work ‘In My Defense’ offers listeners insight into her world, mind, body and soul following the personal and professional changes she was forced to make following the release of her smash hit single ‘Fancy’ and its parent album ‘The New Classic.’ 

So, imagine her surprise when she learned that the project’s chart run was at risk because Peppa Pig was readying the release of an album in the same period.

Iggy was incensed!


She has now revealed why she was disturbed by Peppa’s release date.


Peppa’s brand has generated over £200 million in merchandise sales since 2010.

Unfortunately, her success has often come side by side with controversy.

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