It’s here!

After ample teasing, Madonna‘s revealed the fifth and final buzz track from her new album, ‘Madame X,’ before its arrival on shelves June 14!


Titled ‘Dark Ballet,’ look inside to see the latest the Queen of Pop’s cooked up:

Cinematic to say the least, ‘Ballet’ – riddled with religious iconography and references to the martyr/burning at the stake of Joan of Arc (as reenacted by rapper/activist Mykki Blanco) –  comes as the second of the five singles that precede Madge’s ‘Madame X’ album.

Much like its predecessors, the Mirwais-helmed cut is adventurous and lush with production but not exactly the radio friendliest of tunes – a quality that does not bode in favor of its parent project which, to date, has had little buzz ahead of its arrival.

Time will tell if ‘Ballet’ will turn the tide.

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