‘When They See Us’ – Netflix’s gripping four part miniseries recounting the infamous wrongful conviction of the ‘Central Park Five’ (in relation to 1989’s Central Park jogger case) – easily rings as one of the streaming giant’s most talked about shows ever.

Created, co-written, and directed by Ava DuVernay, the project – which stars Niecy Nash, Jharrel Jerome, Michael K. Williams, and many more – premiered on May 31st and has been a constant conversation piece on social media since.  Earning weigh-ins from celebrities and even prosecutors, lawyers, and other figures involved with the case, its reception has not only been met with critical acclaim for its vivid storytelling but also for shedding light on social and legal injustice.


Historically, Netflix has been mum about releasing ratings figures related to its showings, but a recent Twitter post suggests the viewership number is staggering.  Details inside:

Taking to social media, Netflix revealed:

As the streaming giant does not submit data to third party verifiers (i.e. Nielsen, etc.), the exact number of those who tuned in to date has not been revealed.  Be that as it may, even the perception of popularity bodes well for the potential the miniseries will be recognized by Emmy voters.

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