Much like pesky ingrown hairs and fungal toe infections (ew), dandruff is one of those much-loathed beauty blunders many of us are ungratefully #blessed with.

Between product build-up (day two three dry shampoo, anyone?), UV damage and the stratospheric rise in pollution levels, our scalps are in a very sorry state.

And if dry, itchy, flaky scalps weren’t the least of our worries, it seems dandruff has found itself a new home on our bodies: in our eyebrows.

According to Women’s Health, eyebrow dandruff is now officially a thing and we’re really not OK with it.

“The presence of Malassezia globose [a fungus] on the skin, a genetic predisposition to dandruff, or the presence of sebum,” can cause eyebrow dandruff, Ilyse Lefkowicz, MD, Head & Shoulders dermatologist, told the magazine.

Ilyse suggests using an anti-dandruff shampoo to tackle the awkward issue, as well as steering clear of substances like glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, acne treatments, or anti-ageing creams, which will only cause further irritation.

If you’re suffering from this little-known condition, you can read about all the surprising reasons you might be encountering it, and scroll down for the best anti-dandruff shampoos you can use to cure it…

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