Snapchat users everywhere are freaking TF out over the new gender-swapping filter that debuted on the app last week. Why? Well, the filtered images look so real, it’s scary. If you’ve ever wondered what you look like as the opposite sex, well, there’s a filter for that now.

While some are amazed at the boy/girl versions of themselves, others are just confused.

Watch BET’s Boomerang star and social media sensation Lala Milan hilariously play with the filter.

Royalty Brown already looks like Chris Brown‘s twin, but with this filter she’s her father’s clone.

Comedian Michael Blackson wants to know what-in-the-Kylie-Jenner is going on here. 

Even Miley Cyrus had some fun with the Snapchat filter!

What are your thoughts on Snapchat’s latest filter? Scary real, or just plain scary?

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