Britney Spears seems to have confirmed reports that she is deeply unhappy with the way her life is being managed.

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The ‘Touch of my Hand’ icon received a wave of support from fans when they were given reason to believe that the team employed to take care of her were abusing its power and forcing her to take medication and enter a rehab facility  against her will.


Now, after watching them launch the #FreeBritney campaign, the star has revealed that everything they heard about the distressing matter was true.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney has done an about-face, now telling the judge her father, Jamie Spears, committed her to a mental health facility a month ago against her will and also forced her to take drugs. We’re also told Lynne Spears‘ lawyer echoed the allegation.


Fans will know that Jamie Spears was placed in charge of her affairs just over a decade ago with hopes doing so would protect her from the circumstances which threatened to derail her life during her public breakdown in 2007. However, TMZ reports that he may be using the conservatorship to manipulate his daughter for his own personal gain.

Jamie Spears does not have the power under the conservatorship to either commit Britney against her will or to ply her with drugs against her will. A mental health facility that accepted an adult patient against that patient’s will when the conservator did not have such power would be committing a crime.


Britney now wants full control of her life so she can live it as she pleases and has learned that the judge overseeing the case has asked a mental health expert to evaluate her in the coming weeks.



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