When it comes to our defining features, our teeth are pretty important. In fact, accord to renowned cosmetics doctor, Dr Esho, the mouth is one of the first things people notice about you. “First, people look at the eyes,” he says. “Then it’s straight to the mouth and the teeth.”

Seeing as they’re so pivotal to first impressions, it’s no wonder teeth whitening toothpastes are sweeping the market, promising to remove stains and lighten teeth in a matter of days.

In fact, there’s a throng of different brands calling upon everything from charcoal to coconut oil to promise next-level whitening abilities but do any of them actually work? And which ones are the best ones? We’ve rounded up GLAMOUR’s tried-and-tested favourites…

If you’re reluctant to give up your favourite toothpaste in place of a whitening one, why not try these at-home whitening systems?

Plus, we’ve even called upon dental experts to answer all the questions you may have around teeth whitening, including how to cope with sensitivity and how much it will cost to go pro.

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