Fans of the actor Liam Neeson are criticising the media for its harsh response to his recent race-related admission as it “overlooks” the atrocities Mark Wahlberg carried out against communities of colour.

Atrocities, which saw him blind a Vietnamese man and attack African-American children.

In June 1986, Mark chased after three black children screaming the words “kill the n******” as he pelted them with rocks.

Then, in the April of 1998, he assaulted an elderly Vietnamese man and blinded him permanently…hours after he launched a vicious attack a middle-aged Asian family man named Thanh Lam with a wooden stick. The innocent man was left unconscious.

These incidents only scratch the surface which is why Neeson critics and supporters have questioned the entertainment industry’s decision to overlook Mark’s crimes as it rightfully condemns Neeson’s.


Mark is yet to respond.

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