Chopstick Styler ‘The Master’, £29.99, available at (as well as Argos, Superdrug and ASDA)


Unlike any other curling wand, the Chopstick Styler has a rectangular barrel. The design is flatter, with defined edges, rather than smooth and rounded. The idea is that this produces ‘squarer’ curls, that are set more securely and therefore reduce the ‘drop-rate’, with curls lasting up to two days.


Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor


My natural hair has a bit of a wave and bend to it, which can create some nice texture, but it’s nowhere near curly. I’ll sometimes use a straightener to create a loose curl, or if I want extra hold and a more Hollywood wave, I’ll turn to my favourite muk curl stick.


I have NEVER seen a curler like this before. I’ve used both wands and tongs (with clips) before, but this is in its own league.

Completely flat, with one-centimetre thick edges, I assume the name is because it actually does resemble a chopstick. There are four different types of this curler, which vary in length and thickness for different types of curls, but I tried ‘The Master’.

My hair was freshly washed and blow-dried semi-straight to begin with. With no grease to help it grip, I found it really hard to get started with the wand. My hair just kept slipping off and it took a while to get used to the shape of it. I found holding my hair really tight toward the wand while I wrapped it around helped (God bless the heat protection glove it came with).

The first successful curls to come out were super tight. I was curling quite small sections and they started to take on a very 70s disco hair vibe, but without the frizz (as I was yet to brush out).

Continuing with small sections, it took a good 30-40 minutes for me to finish entirely curling my hair. As I prepared to brush it out, I knew it was going to be BIG.

And holy sh*t, talk about volume. I don’t think this photo does justice for just how HUGE it was. And when I pushed it all back (rather than having a parting), it very much resembled the hair from Ashish at LFW.

The curls themselves were more zig-zag in shape than a traditional styling tool, with a result that was halfway between what a crimper and a curling wand would do.

I could tell the curls had a lot of hold too. Due at a meeting two hours later, the curls were still very much intact and unmoved (and without hairspray). It was pretty obvious from the get-go that they wouldn’t be budging until I washed it, but because my hair is bleached, it generally has good hold with most tools.


This tool is for BIG HAIR with extreme hold. If you were going to a 70s themed party, or trying to emulate Sandy from the final scenes in Grease, this is the tool for you. I think it would be especially great for those with thin hair who want loads of volume that won’t drop. It’s not my every day kinda-curl style, but I’ll be whipping it out every now and then!

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