Legal woes continue to mount for R&B bad boy Chris Brown.

Just weeks after learning of a new lawsuit from tour costume designer Perry L. White, who alleges Brown skipped out on paying him for his work (click here to read more), the singer is now facing his wildest charges yet.

Details inside:


The Grammy winner’s rap sheet has certainly seen its share of entries over the last few years, but the latest – charges that reportedly stem from illegal ownership of a pet monkey – may be his most unique.  The video seen below, posted last December, caused outrage among animal rights activists and led to an investigation by California wildlife officials.  After a search warrant issued at the top of 2018 granted a raid of Brown’s home, the animal – named Fiji – was recovered.

The ‘Run It’ singer learned charges in connection to the reportedly illegal ownership were filed against him the day after Christmas 2018. If convicted of said offenses (two counts of having a restricted species without a permit), he could serve up to six months in prison. Yet, while the pet was in his custody at the time of recovery, he’s adamantly denied ownership.

He is due to plead his case to a judge in February 2019.


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