Omarion‘s split from Apryl Jones, his now ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children, is now going on three years. However, the bitterness produced from the former reality TV couple’s breakup still remains fresh today — at least for Jones — and she’s taken to social media to explain exactly why.

In her Instagram Story, Jones ripped her ex to shreds, starting off by explaining to her followers that, contrary to popular belief, she and the R&B singer were not relationship goals, as many heralded them as.

“You don’t ever know what’s going on behind closed doors,” she said. “It was a lot that was happening. I wasn’t completely happy.”

The former Love & Hip Hop star then dropped a bomb that shocked several of her followers.

“He served me with papers on Mother’s Day,”  she added. “I’m sure he ain’t gon’ tell you all that. He really did. Now, that’s the truth… Thanks, O.”

Jones, before stressing that she’s never asked for child support, went on to share that the B2K member also does not financially support her in relation to their children’s care.

Watch her go in on the “Touch” singer, below:

Omarion is yet to respond to her claims.

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