Move over, mud. So long, clay! The next biggest buzz ingredient in the beauty world is volcanic ash and it’s already cropping up everywhere in our beauty regimes from our dry shampoo, to our skincare, to our body products.

In fact, the beauty-boosting ingredient is so effective, many wellness-seekers flock to one particular destination in its pursuit. Gran Canaria is known for its volcanic beaches and many of the luxurious spas on the island harness its powers in their treatments, collecting the lava and stones locally.

Volcanic ash is rich in sulphur, which is not only known for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities, making it potent remedy for blemish-prone skin, but it is also able to offer the skin protection against free radical damage as a result of environmental aggressors like pollution.

As well as the impressive sulphur content, volcanic ash particles are very fine and don’t dissolve, making them a perfect exfoliator able to buff away dead cells with the greatest of ease.

Here, we round up a few of our favourite products that utilise the power of volcanic ash. Enjoy!

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