Lauryn Hill may be many things, but punctual isn’t one of them.

The iconic songstress’ trademark brand of tardy struck again last night in France and left fans furious.

Details below…

Currently on the European leg of her ‘MisEducation 20th Anniversary Tour,’ the former Fugees star was set to rock the Accor Hotel Arena in Bercy with a full-bodied show.

However, drama struck when the 43-year-old took to the stage 2 and half hours late. Even worse, strict curfew rules meant she performed for less than an hour. Reports are still pouring in, but many fans claim her set ran 32 minutes before being brought to an abrupt end.

A similar occurrence is said to have taken place in Brussels the night before, with the singer hitting the stage 1 hour and 40 minutes late and playing for 40 minutes.

As has sadly become customary, an apology letter was issued via social media. Hill wrote:

Given Hill’s history with such antics, her letter largely fell on deaf ears with many French fans responding in anger:

Much as we love her, it’s totally deserved.

She’s very much at a point where she’s better off showing her professionalism than promising it in letter after jarring letter.

At every level, she’s playing herself and her fans. Because even if it were a technical issue, she may need to look at her internal setup to ask why and how it keeps happening. Year after year. Country after country. Tour after tour.

Surely, if there any validity to her claim, it’s been long overdue for her to put the people and tools in place to rectify the matter? After all, it’s her name being mopped through the mire.

Like, no matter which way it’s diced or sliced, she’s in the wrong.

But no more apologies. Do better, be better.

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