As their content seeps into the social media timelines of fans, friends and rivals, independent artists often find themselves at risk of being bitten by their more celebrated peers.

Today, the artist Yella is one step closer to proving that that happened to her after launching legal action against Juicy J, Miley Cyrus and others for allegedly stealing her look, style and sound to build the track ’23 (Js on my Feet)’.

Bad news for Miley below…

Yella was stunned when she came across ’23’ as it sounded, according to her, identical to a track she’d released a year earlier.

Frustrated by the fact her work had been used to fill the pockets of Miley and co, the performer filed a lawsuit against each and everyone of ’23’s writers with hopes doing so would force them to pay for the supposed theft.

Why Miley may be a little peeved today?

The performer Juicy J seemed to confirm that Yella’s track was stolen by reaching a settlement with her outside of court to ensure he is no longer caught up in the lawsuit.

Worrying, as his move adds weight to the creative charges his collaborators are facing.

‘The Blast’ reports…

As a result, she informed the court all claims against the rapper are now dismissed but her case against Miley and several other defendants will move forward.

Yella says Cyrus used the release of her song to “reinvent her musical career from child star to the edgier, urban, and adult performer she is today.”



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