A 64-year-old music teacher was arrested and locked up after a shocking encounter with an unruly student.

The man in question, who has now been named as Marston Riley, was attempting to teach a class at Maywood alternative high school when he was confronted by the teen.

First hurling a torrent of verbal abuse, the student then stepped to to Riley who snapped in retaliation and beat the unnamed individual to the back of the classroom.

Watch the jaw-dropping encounter below…

Via Facebook:

The incident has divided opinion. 

Parents were enraged, with one telling CBS:

“I’m shocked. Why did it have to escalate to this point?”

While another added:

“I think something needs to be done. That’s way out of hand.” 

However, others have sympathised with Riley – especially after watching when transpired in the full video.

Initially arrested and held on $50,000 bond (after the principal called the authorities), the teacher was been released on bail this morning. He maintains that the argument began when he took the student to task over the uniform he wore, which allegedly directed racial abuse at him.

The student was taken to hospital and treated, but no serious injuries were uncovered. Hence, he was released shortly after.

The LAUSD issued the following statement today:

“We are extremely disturbed by the reports of the events that occurred at Maywood Academy High School. We take this matter very seriously and do not condone violence or intolerance of any kind. Los Angeles Unified is cooperating with law enforcement in investigating this incident. Crisis counselors and additional School Police patrols will be at the school on Monday to support our students and staff.”

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