…and the claws are out again!

Just a year after burying the hatchet and even promising a couple of duets (click here to read more on that), serially feuding femcees, Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, are back on each other’s bad sides.

The fallout all started after Iggy Iggz took to social media to indicate she was a “free agent,” undoubtedly the result of the nonperformance of her latest EP, ‘Survive the Summer’ (click here to read more).  Evidently Banks not only found the news comical but offered a lengthy weigh in on the situation.

Once the news reached the desk of Azalea, needless to say she offered a fiery clapback.  See the melee inside:


Azalea took to Twitter to respond in a series of now deleted tweets:

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