Shade, tone, coverage, finish; finding the best foundation for your skin type and needs is not exactly a walk in the park. Add in the harsh winter weather, and it starts to seem like an unattainable feat.

Whether you prefer something light and dewy for a day-to-day natural makeup look or some hardcore coverage that erases any blemish or dark circle it touches, the foundation world is a vast one to navigate. Especially with brands like Fenty Beauty upping the shade game.

But with so many options to choose from – how are you supposed to find your one true love?

Here’s a few pro tips to try:

1. If you are buying for everyday wear, perhaps keep the coverage a little lighter or go for a tinted moisturiser and then use one of our best concealers to target any areas in need of extra coverage.

2. Choose three shades you think are a close match, swiping all three side-by-side down your cheek/jawline. The shade that seemingly disappears, wins.

3. Step outside and check the shade in natural light.

4. Have a foundation for when you’re tanned, and one for when you go weeks without sun.

5. If you have oily skin, try prolonging the wear of your foundation with a primer or setting with a lightweight powder.

Now, whether you’re looking for something dewy, matte, velveteen, or something in between, you can start your search for a soulmate in our edit of the best foundations…

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