Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t got anything against regular shampoo. For your day-to-day cleansing, it’s a great product that caters to all hair types, from frizzy to fine, and there are even ones to soothe an itchy scalp.

But if you find your hair is starting to suffer from build-up (styling products can also contribute), it might be time to start investing in a once-a-month (or week) clarifying shampoo that will remove all traces of product and oils.

I recently added one to my routine and while it took me a while to start seeing the benefits, I can tell you now that my blonde is brighter, I’m not experiencing as much breakage and my scalp doesn’t get as oily as quickly.

Particularly good for swimmers and tackling chlorine build-up, it’s well worth seeing the effects of a decent cleanse of your hair for yourself – especially if you’re a regular user of heavy styling products to achieve your favourite hairstyle.

Here’s our edit of the best clarifying and deep cleansing shampoos:

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