Azealia Banks has revealed that she was in a state of confusion when she unearthed tweets published by Stefflon Don in which she dissed her.

Banks’ thoughts and feelings about the Drake-approved performer below…

Banks couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted a series of tweets published circa 2012 which saw the-then unknown Don bash and berate her.

The ‘Wallace’ performer believes Stefflon was envious of the monumental success she was enjoying with the critically-lauded ‘212’ and the likes of ‘Fantasea‘, ‘Van Vogue‘, ‘1991’ and ‘Atlantis.’


Nicki Minaj’s fans, who are infuriated by Don’s recent decision to insult them with a diss track, supported Azealia as she weighed in on the ‘Hurtin’ Me’ star and her looks.


On a more positive note, Azealia’s debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ has now been streamed over 200 million times across all streaming platforms.

Powered by the innovative tracks ‘Gimme a Chance‘, ‘Miss Amor’ & ‘Wallace’, the project’s highest-earner ‘212’ is now on its way to double platinum in the United Kingdom. As its release date (December 6th 2011) touched down before the chart system’s inclusion of streaming data, Banks has pure sales to thank for this feat when she achieves it.

As for Stefflon? Just as positive.

Her smash hit track ‘Hurtin Me’ peaked at #7 on the Official Charts and has been streamed enough times to place her platinum plaque in her pocket.

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