Ciara journeys back her hometown of Atlanta for the video for ‘Dose’ – the latest taste of her seventh studio album.

Boasting a pep rally theme, the dance-heavy clip sees CiCi take to the streets for a high-octane performance – backed by a troop of dancers.

Excited fans even get in on the action.

Check out the visual after the jump…

Not what we were expecting, but we’re liking how Mrs Wilson is keeping the masses on their toes.

She’s feeding folk with new music and visuals with such frequency, all the while operating on a less is more M-O. So much so that we’re left to anticipate her next move rather than predict it.

That said, we’re interested to see what she’s building to.

‘Level Up’ was a mega-moment and the material that’s followed has been fire too. That Grape Juice attended Ciara’s listening session in London and the music incoming also sounds hot as well. However, it’s yet to be confirmed whether an album or EP (or something else) the end-goal?

In any case, we’re enjoying the ride. What are…

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