Kim Kardashian‘s permeation of Pop culture, though scowled at by many, has made for a fascination watch.

Rising from behind the shadows of her father’s legal legacy and work for Brandy Norwood and Paris Hilton, the mogul now sets her sights on the future following the birth of the next generation of Kardashians.

How she intends to ensure said future is brighter than the past? By learning from the darkest moments in her life. Moments, which include her malodorous thirst for fame in her 20s and the first time she witnessed her step-father Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) wear women’s clothing.

Watch below…


I found out when I was maybe 25. My mom was out of town and I walked in on Caitlyn all dressed up … as a woman in the garage at my mom’s house. I ran inside, packed a bag so fast, shaking, and ran out and called Kourtney. I said, ‘I have to come spend the weekend with you.’


What do you make of Kim’s conversation?


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