The London festival will not return to the South London location.

Brixton Buzz reports that Field Day Festival will not return to Brockwell Park for its 2019 edition. This follows complaints of disruption and over-crowding from Field Day 2018, which took place at the South London location.

Lambeth Council – which oversees Brockwell Park – confirmed on Monday that “Field Day will not take place at Brockwell Park in 2019, as the festival is being re-formatted for a unique new site in London.”

“Field Day’s decision to hold the festival in a more suitable location is the right one, for them and for the people of Herne Hill,” Green Party councillor Becca Thackray said of the decision, asserting that “an event of this scale and impact is not right for Brockwell Park, and that before making a decision to hold any major event in a public space there must be a genuine effort to consult with the community it will affect.”

This is not the first time a festival has decided against Brockwell Park as a location, with Sunfall Festival not returning to the park after massive overcrowding issues and Lovebox pulling out of the site earlier this year.

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