Bob Bob Ricard is branching out with a second site opening in the heart of the City no less. It’s already fourteen months behind schedule but we’ve finally got an opening date and it’s for March 2019. Taking up residence on the eighth floor of the Cheesegrater, Bob Bob Cite will be bringing a whole load of luxury with it.

Chef Eric Chavot’s menu will feature country-style French cooking (although we expect it to be much fancier than it sounds) and there’ll be Pressez Pour Le Champagne buttons (of course) at the tables. You’ll be able to get the champers in magnums, jeroboams and methuselahs at no premium, so you can really show off with a big bottle, and Bob Bob Cite will also have one of the largest selections of armagnac in town too, with vintages going back to 1888. FANCY indeed.

We don’t have any further deets on the food, but watch this space…

Opening 25th March 2019
122 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V

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