Azealia Banks has offered some thoughts on Normani‘s performance style.

Her assessment? That the gifted performer is doing a good “Beyonce impersonation.”

Banks was at home watching Normani rock TIDAL x Brooklyn and had this to say….

Ok … I’m not at all hating… I think this looks amazing. But is annnnnnyyyone else feeling maaaaaayybbee a liiitttllle like Beyoncé karaoke? *this tweet will self destruct*

Normani does an excellent beyoncè impression. That is all I’m going to say. I do think she is beautiful and talented and I do enjoy her … I just hope this isn’t another one of those industry replacement scenarios. Like when the Illuminati has rinsed one star they need a new one.

Normani is currently celebrating the release of two new Calvin Harris-backed singles and the success of her smash hit single ‘Love Lies.’

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